"Table by the Window" by Sir Terence Rattigan

"Table by the Window" is one of two plays by Sir Terence Rattigan that, together, make up the play "Separate Tables". The two are usually produced together and all but two characters from each play are included in both.


Winter at the Beauregard Private Hotel in Bournemouth, England. A a table by the window we see the troubled relationship between a disgraced Labour politician and his ex-wife.

Scene 1: Dining Room. Dinner.
Scene 2: Lounge. After Dinner.
Scene 3: Dining Room. Breakfast.


  • Mabel
  • Lady Matheson
  • Mrs. Railton-Bell
  • Miss Meacham
  • Doreen
  • Mr. Fowler
  • Mrs. Shankland
  • Miss. Cooper
  • Mr. Malcolm
  • Charles Stratton
  • Jean Tanner (later Jean Stratton)

Production History

Date Venue Company
Oct 25, 1956 Music Box Theatre
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