The Circus Princess

"The Circus Princess" is a German operetta with book and lyrics Julius Grammar and Alfred Grunwald and music by Emmerich Kalman. The original German was called "Die Zirkusprinzessin" which this adaptation having an English translation by Harry B. Smith.


Prologue: Cardroom in the Officers' Club in St. Petersburg (1910)

Musical Number Characters
"But Who Cares?" Alexis and Officers


Scene 1: The Circus Posters.
Scene 2: The Lobby of the Circus Stanislavsky in St. Petersburg (1912).
Scene 3: The Circus Stanislavsky.
Scene 4: The Lobby of the Circus Stanislavsky.
Scene 5: The Circus Stanislavsky.

Musical Number Characters
"Silhouette" Girls
"Bravo, Bravo" Stanislavsky, Pinelli and Audience
"There's Something About You" Fritzi and Toni
"Dear Eyes That Haunt Me" Mr. X
"Same Old Love Songs" Fedora and Officers
"I Dare to Speak of Love to You" Fedora and Mr. X
"Girls, I Am True to All of You" Toni and Girls
Finale Company


The Ballroom in the Palace of the Grand Duke Sergius in St. Petersburg (One month later).

Musical Number Characters
"Joy Bells" Guests
"The Hussars' Song" Mr. X, Sergius & Officers
"The Blue Eyes I Dream Of" Fedora and Mr. X
"I Like the Boys" Fritzi & Officers
"What Do You Say?" Fritzi & Toni
"Guarded" Toni & Cossacks
Finale Company


The Lobby of the Archduke Charles Hotel in Vienna. (Three months later.)

Musical Number Characters
"Waiters" Waiter and Bus Boy
"Dear Eyes That Haunt Me" Mr. X and Liebling Singers
"I'll Be Waiting" Fritzi, Toni and Girls
Finale Company


  • Loris
  • Nicholas
  • Paul
  • Constantine
  • Ivan Panin
  • Prince Alexis Orloff
  • Prince Palinsky (Alexis' Uncle)
  • Stanislavsky (Circus Proprietor)
  • Pinelli (Ring Master)
  • Baron Sakuskine
  • Lt. Petrovitch
  • Princess Fedora Palinska
  • Commissionaire
  • Grand Duke Sergius
  • His Adjutant
  • Toni Schlumberger
  • Mabel Gibson
  • Barmaid
  • Mr. X
  • Bee Starr
  • An Old Clown
  • A Clown
  • Footman
  • Cossack
  • Majordomo
  • An Officer
  • Archbishop
  • Pelican, head waiter
  • Bus Boy
  • Porter
  • Frau Schlumberger

Production History

Date Venue Company
Apr 25, 1927 Winter Garden Theatre
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