"The Conquerors" by Paul M. Potter

Charles Frohman's Empire Theatre Company (Ninth Season), First play. The Conquerors, a drama in four acts by Paul M. Potter.

Character Actor
Eric von Rodeck, sub-lieutenant of Uhlans William Faversham
General von Brandenburg E. Y. Backus
Major von Wolfshagen J. Harry Benremo
Capt. Theobald Korner Joseph Wheelock, Jr.
Lieut. Otto Berent Jameson Lee Finney
Lieut. Rudolf Heiberg George Howard
Hugo, Baron of Grandpre Guy Standing
Abbe Dagobert W. H. Crompton
Jean Baudin, called Bobeche George Fullerton
Merle William Sumner
Rossignol John Armstrong
Cri-Cri George Pierce
Chanteclaire William Workman
Yvonne de Grandpre Viola Allen
Jeanne Marie Baudin, her foster-sister Blanche Walsh
Babiole de Grandpre, her sister Ida Conquest
Poulette May Robson
Anita Lillian Thurgate
Elodie Clara Bloodgood
Celine Madeline Mann
Veronique Helen Comstock

The action takes place at Dinan, in Brittany, during the evening and night of September 3, 1870 - the day after the battle of Sedan.

Act 1: Library in the easy wing of the Castle of Granpre. Time, 6pm.
Act 2: The cabaret of "The Silver Trout." Time, 8pm.
Act 3: Drawing-room in the west wing of the Castle of Grandpre. Time, 10pm.
Act 4: Sitting-room in west wing of the same castle. Time, midnight.

The music which extends through the entr'actes composed and arranged by William Furst
Produced under the stage direction of Joseph Humphreys.
Scenery by E. G. Unitt, Costumes by Dazian.

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