"The Constant Wife" - W. Somerset Maugham

The play "The Constant Wife" by W. Somerset Maugham was written in 1926 and first produced at the Ohio Theatre in Loudonville, Ohio with Ethel Barrymore in the title role. That production then transferred to Broadway with 295 performances.


The action of the play takes place in John's house in Harley Street, London. There is an interval of a fortnight between the first act and the second, and of a year between the second act and the third.


  • Mrs. Culver
  • Bentley
  • Martha Culver
  • Barbara Fawcett
  • Constance Middleton
  • Marie-Louise Durham
  • John Middleton, F.R.C.S.
  • Bernard Kersal
  • Mortimer Durham

Production History

Date Venue Company
Jun 16, 2005 American Airlines Theatre
Jun 2002 Lyric Theatre
Apr 2002 Apollo Theatre
Apr 14, 1975 Shubert Theatre
Sep 1973 Albery Theatre
Dec 8, 1951 National Theatre
Oct 9, 1946 Barbizon-Plaza Theatre
1937 Globe Theatre
April 1927 Strand Theatre
Nov 29, 1926 Maxine Elliott's Theatre
Nov 1, 1926 Ohio Theatre
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