"The Play's The Thing" by Ferenc Molnár & P. G. Wodehouse

"The Play's the Thing" is an English translation and adaptation by P. G. Wodehouse of Ferenc Molnár's earlier play "The Play at the Castle".


The characters are the guests of a wealthy Count in his castle on the Italian Riviera. The actors takes place on a Saturday in summer.

Act 1: 2:00 AM
Act 2: 6:00 AM
Act 3: 7:30 AM


  • Mansky
  • Sandor Turai
  • Albert Adam
  • Johann Dwornitschek, a footman
  • Almady
  • Ilona Szabo
  • Mell
  • Lackey

Production History

Date Venue Company
Jul 9, 1995 Criterion Center Stage Right
May 7, 1973 Bijou Theatre
Jan 9, 1973 Roundabout Theatre Roundabout Theatre Company
Apr 28, 1948 Booth Theatre
Apr 9, 1928 Empire Theatre
Nov 3, 1926 Henry Miller's Theatre
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