"The Senator" by David D. Lloyd & Sydney Rosenfeld


Beings with the claimant, Silas Denman, old and feeble, making a final effort to get a claim before Congress, reimbursement for his ship "The Armstrong" which was sunk by the British in a neutral port in Portugal in 1814, in order that by it he may secure a livelihood for his only daughter Mabel. Through friends Mabel enlists the services of Hon. Hamilton Rivers, a new Senator from the West, and the efforts he makes to pass the claim, the obstacles he meets, the assistance he gets from Mrs. Hillary, a society widow, together with the scenes and incidents of two subplots, make the complete business of the piece, which is said to be a very interesting one from beginning to the end.


  • Sen. Hannibal Rivers
  • Alexander Armstrong, Secretary of State
  • Count Ernest von Strahl, Austrian diplomat
  • Baron Ling Chang, Secretary of Chinese Legation
  • Richard Vance, Senator's private Secretary
  • Lt. George Schuyler
  • Isaiah Sharpless, ex-Congressman
  • Silas Denman, a relic of the days of Webster
  • Erastus, a Senator's servant
  • Mabel Denman, daughter of Silas
  • Mrs. Schuyler
  • Mrs. Armstrong, the young wife of Sec. Armstrong
  • Josie Armstrong
  • Mrs. Hillary, a susceptible young widow

Production History

Date Venue Company
May 19, 1890 Bush Street Theater
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