"The Spider" by Fulton Oursler & Lowell Brentano

"The Spider" is a play of the varities by Fulton Oursler and Lowell Brentano. By a "play of the varities", they mean that it is a play about the vaudeville theater.


The action of the play takes place during a performance at the Tivoli Vaudeville Theatre in New York.

  • Act I: The Show
    • Overture
    • News Reel
    • Mack & LaRue
    • Lytell & Fant
    • Chatrand, The Great

Assisted by Alexander, The Boy with the Radio Eyes, The Greatest Performance of Illusions and Mind Reading in the History of the Theatre.

  • Act II:
    • Scene 1: Chatrand's Dressing Room
    • Scene 2: Before the Curtain
    • Scene 3: The Stage
  • Act III:
    • Scene 1: The Manager's Office
    • Scene 2: Before the Curtain
    • Scene 3: The Stage


  • The Manager
  • The Man
  • The Girl
  • The Sergeant
  • The Doctor
  • Bill
  • Dick
  • Mrs. Wimbleton
  • Harry
  • The Reporter
  • The House Leader
  • The Inspector
  • Officer Simpson
  • Officer Burke
  • Officer Shayne
  • Officer Casey
  • Officer Dougherty
  • Officer Jones
  • Officer Thornton
  • The Electrician
  • Alexander, Chatrand's assistant
  • Tommy, Chatrand's assistant
  • Estelle, Chatrand's assistant
  • Chatrand, the Great

Production History

Date Venue City
Mar 1, 1928 Winter Garden Theatre London, England
Feb 27, 1928 Century Theatre New York City, New York
Jun 13, 1927 Music Box Theatre New York City, New York
Mar 22, 1927 Chanin's 46th Street Theatre New York City, New York
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