"The Squall" by Jean Bart

"The Squall" is a drama by Jean Bart.


The living room of the Mendez household located in the little village of Quejano, near Granada.

Act 1: Summer day in October.
Act 2: The following year. Good Friday.
Act 3, Scene 1: The same evening.
Act 3, Scene 2: The following morning.


In order of appearance

  • Manuela
  • Pedro
  • Dona Paca
  • Finito
  • Anita
  • Juan Mendez
  • Padre Molina
  • Don Diego
  • Dolores Mendez
  • Jose Mendez
  • Nubi
  • El Moro

Production History

Date Venue Company
Nov 11, 1926 48th Street Theatre
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