"The Thief" by Henri Bernstein

"The Thief" is a play by the French playwright Henri Bernstein and adapted by C. Haddon Chambers that was first produced on Broadway in 1907.


Act 1: The drawing room of M. Lagardes. Country seat near Paris. Time: Evening.
Act 2: A bed room. The same house. That night.
Act 3: Same as Act I. Next morning.


  • Richard Voysin
  • Raymond Lagardes
  • Z. Zambault
  • Fernand Lagardes
  • Servant
  • Marie Louise Voysin
  • Isabelle Lagardes

Production History

Date Venue Company
Apr 22, 1927 Ritz Theatre
Oct 16, 1911 Daly's Theatre
Sep 3, 1908 Empire Theatre
Sep 9, 1907 Lyceum Theatre
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