"The Waifs of New York" by Kate Emmett

Described as a realistic picture of lights and shadows in the Great Metropolis.

In one newspaper description was written "Two scenic feature of "The Waifs" are claimed to be important in the presentation, and to contribute not a little to the interest of the performance. Among the pictorial and other effects will be Trinity Church, New York, by moonlight, which, though by no means a ruin, will recall, in a degree, Sir Walter Scott's suggestion in regard to Melrose Abbey. Then, in turn, Castle Garden at sunset, the Tombs Police Court, the Harlem Railroad bridge, with two trains passing in opposite directions at night, and also a very elaborate scene at Five Points, as that locality used to be before the hand of improvement invaded and purified it."

Date Venue Company
Apr 14, 1890 Alcazar Theater
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