"The Wingless Victory" by Maxwell Anderson


Act 1: The living room of a house in Salem, early in winter of 1800
Act 2: The same, an afternoon of early summer, six months later.
Act 3: A cabin in "The Wingless Victory".


(In order of appearance)

  • A Girl
  • The Rev. Phineas McQueston
  • Jared Mungo
  • Winston Urquhart
  • Mrs. Urquhart
  • Ruel Urquhart
  • Venture
  • Faith Ingalls
  • Happy Penny
  • Letty
  • Nathaniel McQueston
  • Oparre
  • Tuala
  • Durian
  • Harry, a bailiff
  • Van Zandt, a sailor

Production History

Date Venue Company
Feb 16, 1953 Indiana Theatre Richmond Civic Theatre
Dec 23, 1936 Empire Theatre
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