"Crime" - Times Square Theatre
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Our playbill for "Crime" by Samuel Shipman and John B. Hymer, performed at the Times Square Theatre was dated "Thurs. June 16th" by the young woman who saw the show and kept it. She also marked that she had seen the show "with Mother". It seems that the below listed company started the production at the Eltinge Theatre in February and moved to the Times Square at an unknown date, and after closing on Broadway the entire production continued on to Chicago and other cities.


In order of appearance, as printed in the playbill.

Name Role
Sylvia Sidney Annabelle Porter
Albert Hackett Tommy Brown
Grey Patrick Woman
Charles P. Mather Man
John Ward Officer
Frank M. Thomas Rocky Mosby
Earle Mayne Spat
Peggy Allenby Dorothy Palmer
Gustav Yorke Frank Smiley
Katharine Francis Marjorie Grey
Morris Ankrum William A. Emory
Chester Morris Eugene Fenmore
Claude Cooper Mouse Turner
Eddie Kelly Billy
Jack LaRue Spud
Michael Markham Dinkey
Walter Powers Jimmy
Jess Romer Ken
Spurr K. Gould Pedestrian No. 1
Cleve Delland Pedestrian No. 2
Irving H. Rapper Clerk
Neill Bridges Spectator
Eddie Kelly Waiter No. 1
Jess Romer Waiter No. 2
Eleanor Livingston Fluffy Girl
Jack Thomson Old Gentleman
William Boulias Manager of Club
Carol Baldwin Milly
John O'Meara Capt. Gargan
Charles P. Mather Lieut. Tierney
Brandon Evans Inspector McGuinness
John Ward Tony
De Lancy Cleveland Stenographer
R. H. Irving Voice on Radio

Production Staff

Name Position
A. H. Woods Producer
Samuel Shipman Playwright
John B. Hymer Playwright
A. H. Van Buren Director
Charles P. Mather Stage Manager
Irving H. Rapper Asst. Stage Manager
I. Weiss & Sons Curtains and upholstery
Russek's Costumes
I. Miller & Sons Shoes
Van Raalte Hosiery
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