Uncle Wesley Collection

In the summer of 1927 a seemingly young person, perhaps a girl in her late teens if the very neat handwriting is of any indication, spent a bit of time in New York and toured the theaters. Although she only marked half of the programs that she collected that summer, those that she did mark made note of seeing the plays with her mother, father and an "Uncle Wesley". Being that his name is the only one that is specifically given, and there is no other indication toward the identity of the original owner, this leather bound Playbill binder has been dubbed the "Uncle Wesley Collection". There are 14 programs in the binder and they are as follows (in their original order):

Play Theatre Dated Inscription
The Squall 48th Street Theatre June 15 "with Mother"
Peggy-Ann Vanderbilt Theatre June 15 "with Mother and Uncle Wesley
Crime Times Square Theatre June 16 "with Mother"
George White's Scandals Apollo Theatre June 17 "with Mother and Uncle Wesley"
Broadway Broadhurst Theatre June 18 "with Mother and Daddy"
The Play's the Thing Henry Miller's Theatre
A Night in Spain 44th Street Theatre June 20 "with Daddy, Mother and Uncle Wesley"
The Spider Music Box Theatre
Her Cardboard Lover Empire Theatre June 24 "very good" (different handwriting)
The Road to Rome Playhouse Theatre
The Constant Wife Maxine Elliott's Theatre
The Thief Ritz Theatre
The Circus Princess Winter Garden Theatre
Tommy Eltinge Theatre
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