"Under the Red Robe" by Edward Rose

"Under the Red Robe" adapted by Edward Rose from the novel by Stanley Weyman. A romantic play in four acts. "His honor rooted in dishonor stood, and faith unfaithful kept him falsely true."

Character Actor
Gil de Berault William Faversham
Richelieu J. E. Dodson
Henri de Cocheforet W. S. Harkins
Marquis de Pombal Charles Mason
de Fargis Herbert Ayling
Captain LaRolle J. Lee Finney
Lieutenant Robert Edeson
Sir Thomas Brunt E. Y. Backus
Clon W. H. Crompton
Louis G. Cornish Pearce
Sergeant Louis Grisell
Malpas Edward Wonn
Landlord Richard Brinton
Doorkeeper Frank McGlynn
Renee de Cocheforet Viola Allen
Madame de Cocheforet Ida Conquest
Madame Zaton Jane Harwar
Suzette Ellen Gail
Waitress Josephine May

The programme continues on the next page but the rest is missing. This was a clipping from the original probably meant to be inserted into a scrapbook.

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