"The Cricket on the Hearth" - White Theatre (1933)
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"The Cricket on the Hearth" was performed at the historic White Theatre in Fresno, California in 1933. It was an adaptation of the Charles Dickens short Christmas story of the same name by Gilmor Brown, founder of the Pasadena Playhouse. He wrote the adaptation earlier that year and toured the production around southern California.


Name Position
Gilmor Brown The Reader
Murray Yeats John Peerybingle
Thomas Browne Henry Mr. Tackleton
Herbert Rooksby Caleb Plummer
Leslie Abbott An Old Gentleman
Mary Mason Dot
Esther Gay Mrs. Fielding
Analee McClure Bertha
Beth Porter May Fielding
Dorothy Marie Davis Tilly Slowboy
Thomas H. Graham Dot's Father
Frances McCune Dot's Mother
William Eberhardt A Porter
Josephine Christie Spirit of the Cricket
Adele Laurence Neighbor
Pat Abbott Neighbor
William Haney Neighbor
Arthur Tennison Neighbor
Louise Huntsman Neighbor
Georgia Lunt Neighbor
Robert Kreisman Neighbor
Louis Sauter Neighbor


Name Position
Gilmor Brown Director
Thomas Browne Henry Associate Director
Malcolm Thurburn Art Director
William Eberhardt Stage Manager
Paul Huston Technical Director
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