"The Circus Princess" - Winter Garden Theatre (1927)
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Our playbill for "The Circus Princess" has a printed date of the week beginning Monday evening, June 20, 1927. It is part of our "Uncle Wesley" collection, a small lot of playbills collected by a young lady in the summer of 1927.


Name Role
Roy Vitales Loris
Starr Jones Nicholas, GD's Adjutant
Herbert Lyle Paul
Harry Shackelford Constantine
Joseph Toner Ivan Panin
Guy Robertson Prince Alexis Orloff, Mr. X
Arthur Barry Prince Palinsky, Alexis' Uncle
Robert O'Connor Stanislavsky, Circus Proprietor
James C. Morton Pinelli, Ring Master
Stanley Harrison Baron Sakuskine
Frank Horn Lt. Petrovitch
Desiree Tabor Princess Fedora Palinska
Edmund Ruffner Commissionaire
George Hassell Grand Duke Sergius
Ted Doner Toni Schlumberger
Gloria Foy Mabel Gibson
Virginia Hassell Barmaid
Herself Bee Starr
Themselves 6 Pachas
Themselves Poodles Hannford & Family
Fred Derrick An Old Clown
Oscar Lowande A Clown
Edouard Grobe Footman
Billy Arnold Hussar Guard, Clown
Michael Brent Hussar Guard
William Browne Hussar Guard
Russell Bryant Hussar Guard
Thomas Coppe Hussar Guard, Circus Attendant
William Culloo Hussar Guard, Circus Attendant
Edward Donohue Hussar Guard, Circus Attendant
Tom Donohue Hussar Guard, Clown
Herbert Eaddy Hussar Guard, Clown
Frank Horn Hussar Guard
Paul Jones Hussar Guard, Clown
Starr Jones Hussar Guard
Herbert Lyle Hussar Guard
Donald McGill Hussar Guard, Clown
Gerald Moore Hussar Guard. Circus Attendant
Ray Moore Hussar Guard, Clown
Alfred Russ Hussar Guard, Circus Attendant
Bob Schutte Hussar Guard
Harry Shackelford Hussar Guard
Sam True Hussar Guard, Clown
Roy Vitalis Hussar Guard
Max Wolfe Hussar Guard, Circus Attendant
John Zimmerman Hussar Guard
Dorothy Chamber Equestrian, Guest
Jessica Hagenah Equestrian, Guest
Florence Kowalewska Equestrian, Guest
Margaret Luerssen Equestrian, Guest
Marie Minor Equestrian, Guest
Stella Shields Equestrian, Guest
Eleanor Witmar Equestrian, Guest
Karin Colon Guest
Rose Gordon Guest
Virginia Hassell Guest
Wilma Miller Guest
Phyllis Newkirk Guest
Katherine O'Neale Guest
Mary Paterson Guest
Lolita Savini Guest
Katherine Scheerer Guest

Production Staff

Name Position
Lee Shubert Producer
J. J. Shubert Producer
Julius Brammar Book & Lyrics
Alfred Grunwald Book & Lyrics
Harry B. Smith English Adaptation
Emmerich Kalman Music
Foster Numbers Staged
M. H. Varnel Dialogue Staged
Watson Barratt Setting
Alfred Goodman Orchestra Director
J. C. Huffman Play and All Ensembles Staged
M. H. Varnel Stage Manager
Sydney Bennett Asst Stage Manager
Wesley Spears Asst Stage Manager
Josephs Modern dresses
Vanity Fair Costume Co. Costumes & uniforms
Max Weldy, Paris Costumes & uniforms
E. R. Schraps Costume Design
Miss Rae, of Wm. Fischman Co. Evening wraps
Barney Shoes
Model Brassiere Company Scanties and brassieres
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